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Hobo World Championship Duck Calls

Hobo World Championship Duck Calls was founded by Kent Cullum, a 3-Time World Champion Live Duck Calling Champion. Kent has spent his entire life not only hunting ducks, but tirelessly pursuing the ability to sound exactly like a duck. This pursuit has led him to spend countless hours listening to live ducks, countless miles spent driving to duck calling competitions across the country, and finally a tireless effort to design and build a line of duck calls that are built from the ground up to make the sounds of a real duck!

Hobo World Championship Duck Calls

Book a hunt with the Kent Cullum and the Hobo Crew!!!

  How would you like to have the chance to hunt with 3-Time World Live Duck Calling Champion Kent Cullum and the rest of the Hobo Calls Crew? Well, now you can! Hobo Calls will be booking a limited number of exclusive hunts with Kent Cullum and crew for the 2011-2012 waterfowl hunting season in Arkansas. You might even end up on the new Hobo Calls DVD!!

More Details...

New Product For 2011 - The Hobo Tracer triple reed!

Triple reed duck calls have been a hot item on the market here of late so Hobo World Championship Duck Calls decided to put one out.  

New Video For 2011 - "Hobo Tried and True"

Follow along with Kent Cullum and friends over the course of the 2010-2011 waterfowl hunting season.   Hobo 'Tried and True'